Transitioning to Monthly Deep Dives

Starting in August, I will be transitioning to monthly deep dives.

Transitioning to Monthly Deep Dives

Starting in August I will be transitioning to publishing one premium deep dive a month (and will change the name to “Monthly 10-K.” I’ve enjoyed the past six months of doing weekly shallow dives, but I know that deep research is something I will enjoy more. I look forward to doing more in-depth research and writing my thoughts.

I can’t promise a specific sector, industry, business model, or other specific niche, but I will promise in-depth research that doesn’t just copy from investor presentations or agree with whatever management says. I won’t be writing about the latest and hottest stock, but will be looking for more off the path companies that I’m interested in learning about. I call myself a growth/quality investor and those are the types of businesses I’m most likely to research and write about, but other than that I want to keep the types of companies I research as open as possible.

The goal of my research won’t be to pitch you a business. I’ll research companies that I’m interested in, but the companies might not be something I end up investing in. I’m always open to suggestions from subscribers too!

I write with the aim to give you a strong foundation and background of the business to start your own research or make you a better and more informed investor.

The monthly deep dives will be published on the last day of each month. The first deep dive will be published on August 31st. The first company that I will be doing a deep dive on is WeCommerce.

Thanks for the continued support!