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I’m starting a paid subscription offering for subscribers who value my research and want to further support this project. The monthly subscription will be $7 and a yearly subscription will be $70. Although I’m creating a paid offering, I’m keeping all my writing open to the public. I refuse to put anything behind a paywall and I believe that enough people will become a paid subscriber to further support this project. One additional benefit of being a paid subscriber is being able to vote on the industries that I cover in my research.

If you receive more value than the cost of a subscription, I hope you consider supporting my research. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me ( or DM me on Twitter.


I started this newsletter as a challenge to myself to research a new company each week and share my thoughts with others. Over the past six months, this format has changed a little bit. I continue to write weekly, but I found a new format that works for me and my investing style. I originally started off researching different companies that no other investors knew of. I realized that since I had no background on the broader industry (and didn’t have time to learn a new industry each week) that I offered no value (to myself and my subscribers). If I didn’t understand the background of an industry and its competitors, how would I know whether or not the company I was researching was actually a good business?

This led to a small change. Instead of researching specific companies, I’ve switched to researching particular industries. Since then, I’ve researched a number of industries such as the used car retailing industry, different web development competitors, and currently companies in the growing BNPL space.

My goal isn’t to offer investment advice or pitch you on the next “hot stock.” I enjoy learning about new businesses and industries and I want to share my research with others. I hope my writing has a long shelf life and that I can look back and see how companies and industries have changed over time.

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Like I mentioned above, I enjoy sharing my research with others and getting feedback from other investors. Therefore, I don’t want to hide my writing behind a paywall. I’m keeping everything free and open, but allowing subscribers who enjoy my research to subscribe if they believe I offer more value than the cost of a subscription ($7).

An additional value of being a paid subscriber is that you can vote on the next industry I’ll be covering. I’ll list out a couple of industries (and also take suggestions through the use of “Other?”) such as project management software (Smartsheet, Asana,, gaming, or other industries that people might be looking to learn about.

The cost of a paid subscription is $7 a month or $70 for a full year. While I’m hopeful that many of you will subscribe and be able to make a difference in my budget, I understand that many people may not be comfortable paying $7 a month for a weekly newsletter that doesn’t offer immediate stock tips or actionable investment ideas. I still hope that my research has a long shelf life (instead of focusing on quarterly earnings or the next hot stock whose price will grow 100% in two weeks) and might one day be valuable for an investment idea.

Therefore, if you have the ability, you like my writing, and want to support this project of mine, please consider subscribing.